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AP Seminar: Unit 5 - PT2

Performance Task 2

Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation
Weight: 35% of the AP Seminar Score
You must identify a research question prompted by analysis of the provided stimulus materials, gather information from a range of additional sources, develop and refine an argument, write and revise your argument, and create a presentation that you will be expected to defend. Your teacher will give you a deadline for when you need to submit your written argument and presentation media. Your teacher will also give you a date on which you will give your presentation. PT 2 consists of the following components:
  • Individual Written Argument (IWA) is 2000 words and scored by College Board  
  • Individual Multimedia Presentation (IMP) is 6–8 minutes and scored by Ms. Cornett
  • Oral Defense (part of the IMP) in which the student responds to 2 questions
The SJND Miller Library's mission is to provide you with diverse resources to meet your information needs and curiosities; empower you to take initiative in furthering the depth and breadth of your education; teach you how to locate, access, evaluate, use, and properly cite information sources; and help you become a compassionate, discerning, and self-directed lifelong learner.