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SJND Miller Library: Library Policies & Procedures

Library Rules

  • No eating or drinking (except bottled water) in the Library and Conference Room before, during, and after school!
  • If you want to listen to music or watch something on your device,  you must use headphones.
  • Respect this space.  This is your library!  Throw away any garbage, recycle unneeded papers, return your chair to where it belongs, and do not sit or stand on the furniture. 
  • Respect other students in the library.  Do not yell across the room or annoy students who are working.  This means no throwing anything, running, bouncing balls, etc.
  • The Conference Room is for group work ONLY. There are 6 people MAX allowed in the Conference Room at a time.
  • Textbooks do not leave the Library.  You can make copies of or use the textbook only if you have your Student ID.
  • All belongings left behind in the Library or Study Center will be given to the Main Office at 5pm each day and available for pick up there the next day.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in the following disciplinary action:
1) A warning, 2) A day ban, 3) A detention.

If you are an Online Accelerated Learning (OAL) student:

  • If you are going somewhere during class, you need to check with me beforehand and get a hall pass.
  • One person is allowed to go to their locker and/or the bathroom at a time.
  • This is a QUIET work period.
  • Your devices should only be used for your courses.

Loaner Laptop Program

  • There are four updated loaner laptops available for day use.  If you need a loaner laptop for a longer period, please speak with Ms. Bickley.
  • You must have your School ID to check out a laptop.
  • Laptops are due back at 5pm on the same day they are checked out.
  • You cannot come to the Library during class time to check out a laptop.
  • Laptops are only available if your own device is inoperable.

Material Limits

  • 10 Books
  • 2 Renewals, unless another student is on HOLD for the item
  • 10 books on reserve
  • 10 books reserved through the online catalog
  • You are responsible for ALL items borrowed on your Student ID.
  • Do not forget to check out your library materials with Ms. Bickley before leaving the Library!

Due Dates

  • Books: 30 days (If books are checked out within 30 days of the last day of school, these books are due back on the last day of classes.)
  • Reference Materials: 7 days

Overdue Item(s) Notifications

  • Student receives EMAIL RECEIPT upon check out
  • Student receives automatic notification when item is immediately overdue
  • Student receives automatic notification when item is 7 days overdue
  • If you do not return your library materials, you will not receive your transcripts or class schedule for the following school year.

Room Reservations

  • Email for Conference Room reservations.
  • Room reservations will only be held for 15 minutes after start time.
  • If you use the whiteboard, you are responsible for cleaning it.  

Purchase Request

If you would like the Library to purchase a title that isn’t currently in our collection, please fill out the Purchase Request Form.  I will try to order all suggested titles within the Library’s budget.

Library Account

  • You will need your Student ID to check out any and all materials from the Library.
  • You can sign into your Library account online through Launchpad or through the Library’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Here, you can search the catalog and reserve titles for pick up in my office.  You can also renew materials that you have checked out.  

Exam Proctoring

  • Students taking exams in the Library will follow all directions from their teachers.  
  • Students must sit two chairs apart as space allows.
  • Students will not leave the room to go to their lockers and/or bathroom once their exam begins.
  • All belongings, including mobile devices, will be left at the front door of the Library or with me in my office.
  • There is absolutely no talking during the exam.
  • I cannot provide you with a calculator.


  • Supplies are available for use at the Supply Station to the left of the printer.  Please check with me before using any supplies.  
  • Supplies include tape, stapler, paper cutter, hole puncher, staples, markers, crayons, colored pencils, highlighters, etc.  
  • Supplies are very limited and must stay in the Library at all times.