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Equity & Justice: Resource Group

February 2021 Meeting

February Resources
Thoughts for Discussion
  1. How did attending Camp Jened impact the main characters? (Jim LeBrecht and Judy Heumann in particular.)
  2. Did your feelings about people with disabilities shift during the film?
  3. Why is it important for people to find others who struggle with the same issues?
  4. What happened in the film that lead to societal change?
  5. How does this film relate to our current battle against racism?

From Congregation Beth Israel

January 2021 Meeting

January Resources

Please read any or all of the following resources from Father Bryan Massingale, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Teaching Tolerance.

November 2020 Meeting

November Resources 
Thoughts for Discussion
  1. Why did you join the Equity & Justice Resource Group? 
  2. What were your initial responses to the film? Did any theme/idea/reaction stand out?
  3. Did you have any expectations of how the film would unfold? What were they? Did the film meet your expectations?
  4. Does He Even Has Your Eyes do enough to show the very real challenges, both legal and social, that immigrants must go through in their new countries or does it just seem to gloss over them and make life seem much easier than it really is?
  5. Given that Claire comes from a Roma background, should she be more careful about stereotyping people and displaying racist attitudes or is it the case that given her own suffering from prejudice, she should be allowed more license to treat others the same way?
  6. Do you think Claire learns a lesson at the end of the film about tolerance or do you think she will more likely continue to display racist attitudes and make racist statements?

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