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AP Seminar: Semester 2

Performance Task 1

Team Project and Presentation
Weight: 20% of the AP Seminar score 
You will work in teams of three to five to identify, investigate, and analyze an academic or real-world problem or issue; consider options and alternatives; and present and defend your proposed solution(s) or resolution(s). The components that comprise this task are the Individual Research Report and the Team Presentation and Defense. These components are made up of the following elements, each of which you will need to complete in order to fulfill the task requirements:
  • Individual Research Report (IRR) is 1200 words and scored by College Board
  • Team Multimedia Presentation (TMP) is 8–10 minutes and scored by Ms. Cornett
  • Oral Defense (part of the TMP) in which each student responds to 1 question

Performance Task 1: IRR

Performance Task 1: TMP

Performance Task 2

Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation
Weight: 35% of the AP Seminar Score
You must identify a research question prompted by analysis of the provided stimulus materials, gather information from a range of additional sources, develop and refine an argument, write and revise your argument, and create a presentation that you will be expected to defend. Your teacher will give you a deadline for when you need to submit your written argument and presentation media. Your teacher will also give you a date on which you will give your presentation. PT 2 consists of the following components:
  • Individual Written Argument (IWA) is 2000 words and scored by College Board  
  • Individual Multimedia Presentation (IMP) is 6–8 minutes and scored by Ms. Cornett
  • Oral Defense (part of the IMP) in which the student responds to 2 questions

End-of-Course Exam

Part A 
30% of 45% of AP Seminar Score | 30 minutes | One source provided
Students are asked to analyze an argument using evidence.
  1. Identify the author’s argument, main idea, or thesis.
  2. Explain the author’s line of reasoning by identifying the claims used to build the argument and the connection between them.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence the author uses to support the claims made in the argument.
Part B 
70% of 45% of AP Seminar Score | 90 minutes | Four sources provided
Students are asked to build their own arguments using at least two of the four provided sources. Each of the four sources will explore a common theme through a different lens, allowing multiple entry points for students to approach the topic. 
Directions: Read the four sources carefully, focusing on a theme or issue that connects them and the different perspective each represents. Then, write a logically organized, well-reasoned, and well-written argument that presents your own perspective on the theme or issue you identified. You must incorporate at least two of the sources provided and link the claims in your argument to support evidence. You may also use the other provided sources or draw upon your own knowledge. In your response, refer to the provided sources as Source A, Source B, Source C, or Source D, or by the authors’ names.

End-of-Course Exam, Part A

End-of-Course Exam, Part B

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