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AP Seminar: Unit 2 - The Nature of Information

Unit Description

Students will continue skill-building in Unit 2. Using the themes of equity and education you will explore personal bias, bias in the media, and fake news. You will learn how to interpret and analyze charts and graphs as well as evaluate visual images using the OPTIC strategy. We will take a look at social justice topics through multiple lenses, complete team research and debates, and review plagiarism basics. You will have an opportunity to complete a practice End-of-Course Exam, Part B and learn more about Performance Task 1.

The SJND Miller Library's mission is to provide you with diverse resources to meet your information needs and curiosities; empower you to take initiative in furthering the depth and breadth of your education; teach you how to locate, access, evaluate, use, and properly cite information sources; and help you become a compassionate, discerning, and self-directed lifelong learner.