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AP Research: PREP Journal

PREP Description

The purpose of the Process and Reflection Portfolio (PREP) is to document students' sustained effort and progress through the inquiry process. Students will reflect on their thought processes, decision-making and rationales, challenges and successes, and each key component of the Academic Paper. The PREP will also provide evidence to academic counselors, college admission officers, and faculty members that the student has done formal academic research. (Adapted from Brian Foutz's Your Guide to AP Research)

PREP Resources

PREP Directions

PREPs are tools to help you reflect and engage more deeply with your research process. Avoid any overgeneralizations and/or oversimplifications. Be thoughtful and specific in your responses, providing evidence or examples for any claims made.
PREP Journal 1 - Topic of Inquiry
PREP Journal 2 - Purpose of Inquiry
PREP Journal 3 - The Research Question
PREP Journal 4 - Revision and Reflection (R&R) 1
PREP Journal 5 - Choosing and Aligning the Method
PREP Journal 6 - Replicable Procedures
PREP Journal 7 - Trends
PREP Journal 8 - Results, Product, or Findings
PREP Journal 9 - Discussion, Analysis, and/or Evaluation
PREP Journal 10 - R&R 2
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